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The Sheds @1Fox

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#Vodawalk with @Vodacom

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I cracked the nod from @Cerebra for an unspecified @Vodacom Instagram event, which took place on 28 March 2014.

We weren’t given any brief or indication of what would transpire on the day.

Our rendezvous point was a building in Park street, Jeppestown. We were pretty stoked when we arrived at an awesome rooftop, to be presented with refreshments and Olloclip 4-in-1 lens kits! There was a lot of #RoofToppingRoofTopping: taking photos from the rooftops of buildings!

We were then whisked away to an unknown destination, which turned out to be Rand Airport.

We were taken for heli-flips over Johannesburg! The view from 6000 feet in a chopper is totally different than what you see from a commercial flight when coming in to land. It was awesome!

I got to live-post our doings on the @IGersJozi account, which was cool – I love this type of curation.

Post flight, we were back at the Park Street rooftop for Burgers and Beers, served by @The_Counter. @Meg_Pascoe‘s burgers and slaw were world class. The Pink Plum Gin & Tonics were a hit.

A big thank you to Vodacom for giving us an experience money can’t buy – hanging out with your buds on a Friday – IN THE SKY! Thanks for the awesome Olloclip! I lost mine just last week, so the upgrade received to the new 4-in-1, with two (2!) macros, is really appreciated.

Big thanks also to @CraigRodney and the @Cerebra team for putting this together, and for including me on the guest list.

In terms of return for the client (Vodacom), I think they did well with this “test” event. At the time of writing, the #VodaWalk pool on Instragram has 126 posts in it – most of them very decent – and a few showcasing the Vodacom billboard on top of Ponte City prominently. Great branding! There were also countless tweets tagged #VodaWalk on Twitter. While curating the @IGersJozi Instagram account, I received a lot of great feedback from followers of the account (mostly Jozi peeps interested in photowalks organised by the Joburg chapter of @IGersSouthAfrica). Great brand awareness was built, with the @Vodacom Instagram account re-posting several shots during the day.

The guys at Cerebra nailed this, in my opinion. There was no money exchanged with the doers (Instagramers). Instead we bartered a priceless experience (remember: Friday, friends, sky, rooftop, burgers, beer) for our shots. Sure, it doesn’t pay the bills, but once in a while it’s awesome to be offered an experience that you wouldn’t be able to buy in any case.

I, for one, am very happy to barter my time for unique experiences such as this.

Below see my shots from the day. Be sure to view the #VodaWalk pool on Instagram for the rest.


#KliptownMeet Gallery

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On Sunday 23 March 2014 we gathered in Kliptown, Soweto for the #KliptownMeet, organised by @LeboLukeWarm.

It was my second visit to Kliptown, and being a Sunday afternoon, the township was bustling with activity, and filled with kids. This was in sharp contrast to my previous visit, which happened midday on a Saturday, when the township was much quieter.

I found it a bit frenetic, to be honest. The kids were all over us, positively bubbling with enthusiasm, loving having their pictures taken and seeing them instantly on our phones and camera bodies.

I also felt a tad isolated, and envious of my compatriots familiar with the custom, and able to converse with the many interesting faces. I also kicked myself for not bringing my SLR along – many photo opportunities were missed.

There was a great turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I can’t wait to go back.

My shots from the day below:

Be sure to check out the #kliptownmeet pool on Instagram.

#InstaJoziRide #WWIM8

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For InstaGram’s eighth World Wide InstaMeet we took to the city with our bicycles


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Inspired by Heather Mason I took up the #100HappyDays challenge.

My unique 100 Happy Days tag is #timmee100happydays


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Shots taken at Mike’s Bikes’ Pumptrack


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Nelson Mandela Bridge Sunset Series


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Shots taken at the memorial ride for Burry Stander (world mountain biking champion) on the one year anniversary of his death.