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Join us on Saturday 3 January 2015, as we take to the streets of Pretoria with @iRidePitori. We’ll depart from MidCity Square in Sunnyside and make our way through the CBD to Marabastad, returning via Church Square and The Union Buildings. What you need to know: Where: MidCity Square, Sunnyside, Pretoria When: Saturday 3 January 2015 at 14h00 sharp! What to bring: A bycicle, a camera, and friends with bikes See you there. Photo credit: @iseeadifferentyou
Magnolia ______________________________________Jim Kurring: …whatever you wanna tell me, whatever you think might scare me, won’t… and I will listen… I will be a good listener to you if that’s what you want… and you know, you know… I won’t judge you… I can do that sometimes, I know, but I won’t… I can… listen to you and you shouldn’t be scared of scaring me off or anything that you might think I’ll think or on and on and just say it and I’ll listen to you… ______________________________________Magnolia (1999) – Paul Thomas Anderson